Thursday, March 27, 2014

David Trampier passed away March 24, 2014

This certainly isn't the next blog post about David Trampier that I had planned.

A man with David Trampier's name, matching David Trampier's age and last known location, passed away in Helia Healthcare in Carbondale, IL. I can hope for a case of mistaken identity but this looks like DAT himself. He would have turned 60 on April 22 this year.

Thanks to Charles Akins for reporting the news:

Dave, we hardly knew ye. I hoped that as a community of fans we might better understand you in this series of posts. Like so many great artists, we lost you too early.

All is quiet in Toad Town tonight.

[UPDATE] Castle Perilous game store of Carbondale has more information: 

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  1. The timing for this is crazy. Had he made it one more month, he was scheduled to be at a local Con and would have (I can only imagine) been inundated by legions of loyal and admiring fans. What a tragedy to the community as a whole.

    Personally, I'm also sad that I'll never know how Wormy was supposed to turn out. Our storytellers are leaving us, and they're leaving us wanting more!

    Thank you for your incredible detective work on this blog.