Monday, August 11, 2014

#0 Late to the Party - RPG a Day a.k.a. #RPGaDAY

To celebrate Gen Con, the latest writing challenge on the game blogosphere is RPGaDAY. Brainchild of Autocratik, RPGaDAY challenges bloggers to write about their earliest, strangest and favorite (er, favourite) game experiences.

As usual, I am several days late to this party. Some of the challenges forced me to think back to my earliest gaming experiences over 30 years ago. This was not just the start of my role-playing hobby; this was the germ of game designing that launched what is now my career. How did I approach design in that awkward, nascent age? Also, it is an excuse to write about some unusual items in my collection.

I will create links to my entire series here as I post them.

#1 First RPG Played - Also, first game designed
#2 First RPG Gamemastered - Beyond the Secret of the Lizard King's Sinister Crystal Tomb
#3 First RPG Purchased - Holmes Basic blue box on the cheap
#4 Most Recent RPG purchase - 2 of 9 Doctrines of Darkness
#5 Most old school RPG owned - Older than Braunstein
#6 Favorite RPG Never Get to Play - The Original Edition
#7 Most Intellectual RPG Owned - It's not the game, it's the setting
#8 Favorite Character - Wonko the Sane
#9 Favorite Die/Dice Set - Random Number Generators of Chaos and Entropy
#10 Favorite Game Fiction - The Maze of Peril
#11 Weirdest RPG Owned - The All Australian Role Playing Game
#12 Old RPG You Still Play/Read -
#13 Most Memorable Character Death - 
#14 Best Convention Purchase - 
#15 Favorite Convention Game - 
#16 Game You Wish You Owned - 
#17 Funniest Game You've Played - 
#18 Favorite Game System - 
#19 Favorite Published Adventure - 
#20 Will Still Play in 20 Years Time - 
#21 Favorite Licensed RPG - 
#22 Best Secondhand RPG Purchase - 
#23 Coolest Looking RPG Product - 
#24 Most Complicated RPG Owned - 
#25 Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play - 
#26 Coolest Character Sheet - 
#27 Game You'd like to See a New/Improved Version of - 
#28 Scariest Game You've Played - 
#29 Most Memorable Encounter - 
#30 Rarest RPG Owned - 
#31 Favorite RPG of All Time -

Your guide to #RPGaDAY

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